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A Short Story about a Big Healing

A Short Story about a Big Healing



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This is a noble story of a spiritual artist's—aka everywoman's—exploration of herself as she moves through diagnosis and healing of the mind-body-spirit trinity.

Liberating and affirming, virtuoso, exquisite, educational, and profound. I feel invited not instructed. This book releases me from my mourning of my sensuality as it relates to my breasts and into a realization that we are the masters of this journey called life.
Mary S-B

When we read stories about breast cancer, they are usually about tension: a battle against a disease. Frueh gives us a new narrative. Her story is one imbued with a profound sense of calm, as she describes the ways she relaxed into her healing process.
Maggie H-K


From the back cover:
How do you heal yourself? By healing the heart, declares Joanna Frueh in this inspiring and beneficent book about a 10-year odyssey of her own healing between 2002 and 2012. Through personal experiences of mending a fractured wrist and curing breast cancer, Frueh offers the exciting and unconventional insights for which she is known. A Short Story about a Big Healing focuses on health as Frueh's latest illuminating and robust perceptions about our bodies, our beauty, and our social and everyday realities


The shoot was an extraordinary experience! Master photographer Frances Murray and I shot the photos in her studio in March 2013. Frances is known for her nudes, I've modeled for her many times since we met in 1983, and she and I collaborated on the photos for my book The Glamour of Being Real. See more about Frances and me in Photos on The Glamour of Being Real page. This was our first photo collaboration since a bilateral mastectomy in June 2012, and a friend said I had to have a nude, because of the mastectomy and also because my previous books feature nudes of me. When I entered Frances's studio I said, "I'm feeling fragile," and she responded in her light, gentle way, "I knew you would." Frances is the dearest of friends and gave me tremendous love, camaraderie, strength, and assistance during the healing. I also felt beautiful walking into her studio, and we played as we always do during a shoot as part of the keen focus on our work. The time sped by, we shot 436 photos. The results wowed me.


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A Short Story about a Big Healing. Photo: Frances Murray A Short Story about a Big Healing. Photo: Frances Murray A Short Story about a Big Healing. Photo: Frances Murray A Short Story about a Big Healing. Photo: Frances Murray A Short Story about a Big Healing. Photo: Frances Murray Joanna Frueh, <em>A Short Story about a Big Healing</em>, Fluxx, Tucson, AZ, 2013. Photo: C. Elliott